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Robert Turner Collective & INFLUUT

Tāne’s Garden

Meditative audio-visual installation

Living Still

Our natural environment may seem to be static, but this is an artefact. In the real world, we experience constant variations and changes. The wind, light and the activity of living organisms and mineral all have an effect. The simple passage of time, the deterioration that it causes and the regeneration that it brings, are enough to give rise to such continuous changes. Playing on the term “still life”, the Robert Turner Collective has developed the concept of "Living Still": a digital work which at first appears to be fixed, but which evolves slowly and constantly. On the one hand, the apparent immobility of a scene reflects the unstoppable and incessant flow of time and its regularity: when everything is still, only time moves. On the other hand, the evolution of a scene underscores the irreversibility of time and reveals its essential nature in what we call life.

In the Living Still, Tāne's Garden, the god of the forest, Tāne, observes the sky through the branches and leaves of the canopy, dreaming of the myriad of possible futures. The work is constructed from a still image and is animated using various algorithmic abstractions which evolve independently, and which mingle to illustrate the intertwining of these myriads of futures.

The room is designed as a place of meditation and contains an installation for quadraphonic spatial sound diffusion. A processor implements an atonal composition algorithm, using a sample of saxophone sound recordings as a source. These samples are stretched out in sound time and space, which gives the impression of a vibratory movement that extends to infinity.