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INFLUUT & Robert Turner Collective



Digital synesthesia, dodecaphonic tones, infinite loop, NFTs

Constituting a collection of 12 identical videos, 12-Tones presents the full dodecaphonic scale with the corresponding hues on the colour wheel. The original video is taken from a sequence in which John Coltrane is playing the trumpet, and which has been algorithmically modified using the abstractions of the Robert Turner Collective. The effect produced is a sound wave that passes through the screen. The sound comes from the recording of several types of saxophones playing a sustained note, with the addition of binaural synthesis sounds of wind and brainwaves. The sounds are played in a loop, which induces a state of slow hypnosis and triggers a sort of colour synesthesia.

Amanacer is a one-minute composition based on the arrangement of the twelve notes of the dodecaphonic scale used in 12-Tones, which are played exactly once each. The piece is played in a loop, creating a perfectly atonal melody. Each note comes as a surprise, thus opening a field of infinite possibilities. The colours blend as the notes slowly intertwine, with the original video repeating itself over and over again, but with a different sound and visual texture each time.

Amanacer will be used as the opening composition for the exposition. It will be played in an infinite loop on the website and through augmented reality posters and flyers. The individual elements of 12-Tones are available as NFTs on the blockchain Ethereum, and will be sold to fund the exhibition. The twelve pure tones will be combined in pairs to create 132 bi-tones which will be distributed as low-cost NFTs on the blockchain Polygon.