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Robert Turner Collective

space | time | space


Abstraction in space-time

Monolith Construction by Stefan Dey

One of the founding ideas of Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić when they formulated the theory of relativity was to place time and space on the same level, and to combine them to form what Einstein called “space-time”. By following the same idea, we can organise the set of pixels constituting a video clip to form a three-dimensional rectangular parallelepiped. By rotating this parallelepiped in space-time, the original set of pixels is rearranged.

space | time | space is an audio-visual installation that takes the form of a monolith. This monolith represents a parallelepiped of pixels that has been rotated. The video loop projected onto the monolith illustrates a walk through these pixels from front to back, returning again to the visible face. This work aims to demonstrate the radical change in perception - and therefore in our realities - when time becomes space and space becomes time. The starting video is a short extract from 2001: A Space Odyssey and, therefore, the work is a humble tribute to Stanley Kubrick.