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Saturday 11 June 14h-18h

Daniel Maszkowicz

Kosmoscore Elements

Nap Concert

Psychoacoustics, Brainwaves, ASMR noise

Daniel Maszkowicz works with SuperCollider, and with electric machinery previously used in laboratories. He creates layers of sound on several channels, with which he plunges his audience into a subtle state of hypnosis consisting of low frequency immersions and brain waves. He quantitatively studies the psychoacoustic and binaural effects on the mind, with a focus on psychic massage and physical well-being.

Kosmoscore Elements, which is also known as Cosmic Sleep, is a slow performance that takes place over the duration of several sleep cycles. The composition contains multiple loops within its loops which are algorithmically intertwined, while evoking natural elements and various complementary sensations. Whether it be synthetic sounds and concrete music, Daniel Maszkowicz provides you with the ideal soundtrack for waking dreams and meditative trances.